Fri-Yay: 10.5 The Men Shaming

Before you jump on a rant about how I’m minimizing the problem of “Slut-Shaming” or how I’m trying to twist things around, you might wanna read what I have to say first. I am very well aware about slut shaming, I’m very well aware about the sexual harassment women have to go through on a daily basis. And this post is not supposed to diminish those issues but simply to shine light on another one, which some men with insecurities like myself have to go through. Continue reading “Fri-Yay: 10.5 The Men Shaming”


Fri-Yay 03.05 : The debate about where relationships start

I honestly don’t even know where to start this post, it might turn out to be a long one, so sit back if you have the time, as I am highly confused to what I am thinking and feeling and what I should be feeling.

Soo I had this debate with an online friend about the terms “dating”, “exclusive” and “relationship”.
Where does dating start and end? What is allowed, or accepted while dating?
When does an “exclusive” relationship end an on what terms do you call each other “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”? Continue reading “Fri-Yay 03.05 : The debate about where relationships start”

The changed perception

Ok. This gonna be personal, and weird. Probably creepy and in some sense also highly inappropriate but I feel like this is something I, as a man, have to address and want to address because it is bothering me.

So I lost my v-card summer last year. And I know we’ve been over this topic, but ever since I lost it, I realized something. Continue reading “The changed perception”

The struggles of being a women

Since I am writing this as a “man”, I just want to make it clear, that of course I don’t exactly know how hard it is to be a women.
This is simply a result of my observation, assumptions and pretty much what I’d imagine it must be like sometime, to be a women…
But just to make it clear, I do believe women have all the power… still..

It’s hard being a women.
And I mean that in every possible way you can think of. Continue reading “The struggles of being a women”

The Slut-Shaming

No idea if I wrote about tis topic before, but I’ve come across several videos and clips of females being portrayed as “cheap” or “easy”, while people rarely see it the other way around…

A snap of a girl who is being send to several guys. A girl, shacker, who runs home in the morning, to her dorm room.
A girl in a bar or a club, making out with a guy, while she is literally texting on her phone behind his head.
Text messages of girls that seem to have several boys they interact with and so on and so forth. Continue reading “The Slut-Shaming”

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