The beauty of women

This going to be… leaving room for discussions.
But Ladies, this one is for you.
A completely honest, unbiased, unfiltered, uncensored blogpost. An expression of gratitude, of timidity, of arousal, and general fascination for you… and best believe I am listening to Beyoncé writing this.

“You make it look like it’s magic
‘Cause I see nobody, nobody but you, you, you” – The Weeknd

First of all, I’ll give you the brutal honesty. Not everybody is attractive to everbody. There’re girls and women, about which even a guy as desperate and thirsty as me could say “Nah… I don’t find her attractive.” But that is a subjective opinion.
The great thing about that is, if I don’t, somebody else will. Continue reading “The beauty of women”


Fri-Yay: The inner Calling

I’m little bit late with this post, I’ve been caught up with “FullerHouse” on Netflix. Nostalgia at it’s best and all these girls have grown up to be beautiful women … and I am completely getting off track here.
Fact: I am late with my post, but it is still relevant and I believe important for many.

Sometimes there is a voice inside you that tells you to do something completely different from what you’re doing now. Continue reading “Fri-Yay: The inner Calling”

The spoiled Man

Not blaming anybody here. Not putting out names, but just facts, that I hope will soon find an end. Cause if not, dating will be really difficult for me.

I’ll  be honest. The summer was dope. Like.. ok I was at several times also behaving like a little wuss and not really being able to cope with everything that happened.
With the rejection, with the fact that I was just a rebound and so on, but regardless, the summer was dope! Continue reading “The spoiled Man”

The Girl Next Door

If you’re an ultra feminist, who believes in the right for ever person, especially girls to be as individual as they want, this post will NOT be for you.
I’m just putting out some questions that have been bothering me for some time now…

I might be oldschool. Maybe I’ve watched to many american rom-coms. I don’t know.
But it becomes more and more apparent to me that people want to be “individual”, “unique”, they wanna “explore themselves”. Continue reading “The Girl Next Door”

The Purpose of Life

One of the probably most difficult questions of life. What is our purpose? Why are here? Is there more to what we perceive? Recently I’ve witnessed something that made me realize, that it’s all so much easier than we tend to believe.

I went grocery shopping, as I usually do. The supermarket I went to was emptier than usual. I was relieved.

I looked for the vegetables and fruits I needed and started to approach the checkout and realized that the conveyor belt was packed. It was completely covered with the content of two trolleys and it would take at least 7-8 minutes till it would all be paid for. Continue reading “The Purpose of Life”

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